Afromystic E.P. (Experimental Project) & Queer Eyes Queer Spirits

Afromystic E.P. (Experimental Project) & Queer Eyes Queer Spirits is a space to investigate & uplift gender empowerment, Queerness & gender fluidity in Yorùbá/Òrìṣà mythology/traditions. This workshop series will include interviews, Òrìṣà story-circles, story-writing, and embodiment with gestures/movements, and will culminate with work in progress showings in Brooklyn and the Bronx. We will explore how Yorùbá Spirituality makes us stronger & a source of healing & wellness

This project is for People of Color who are QTGNC, Two Spirit or LGBTQ. Straight allies are welcome. Open to Yorùbá & Òrìṣà practitioners, West African traditional religions, and faith-based/earth-based practitioners in the Diaspora.

Wednesdays 9/4 & 9/11, Òrìṣà Readings at Brook Park from 5-7pm

Saturday 9/7 & Sunday 9/8 Two Day Intensive in Brooklyn

**End Performance on

Friday 9/13 in Brooklyn &

Saturday 9/14 in Bronx at 7pm**

For more info & to register contact director Seyi Adebanjo:

Fill out Questionnaire, reserve your spot

Director: Seyi Adebanjo,

Choreographer: Deborah Conton @deeeebo_x

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